Fiber Photos

As a fiber artist I have produced a decent amount of work.  Recently, I realized I have never publicly shared pictures of my work and thought it might be a good idea to do so. Here’s a sampling of my fiber projects, I hope you enjoy.

Amigurumis - with signature

Amigurumi Friends, crochet, various materials.

DSC04016 - with signature


Sunny Day shawl, handwoven, cotton warp and weft.

IMG_0198 b - with signature

Woodland Creatures, handwoven wrap, wool,

manufactured warp, hand-spun weft.

IMG_0205 b - with signature

Aurora Borealis, handwoven scarf, wool,

some hand-spun in the weft.

IMG_0277 b - with signature

Color Wheels, Machine pieced, hand appliqued, hand quilted.

IMG_0228 b - ws

Oliver the Owl, freestyle crochet, hand-spun wool.

IMG_0297 b - ws

Spring Flowers, handwoven scarf,

bamboo and cotton warp, bamboo weft.


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